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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Another 360 game. And another knight sac.
Only this time, it worked out..

My first attempt at chess360

I would say it's quite interesting because one had to be cautious in the opening since it's an unknown territory. I made a bad calculation and overlooked 10. Qg2 when attempting the knight sacrifice. I made it up in the next game against the same player with white.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Chess Replayer

I have now changed the PGN replayer using chessflash since the old link is broken. I don't think it works anymore.

Wholesale chess also have new website. I am not sure since when because I have not visited the site for a while. It looks cleaner and easier to navigate. A lot faster too.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Crushed !

I haven't played for a very long time. That is true.
Found some motivation after watching Anas (Nazreen) played at Midwest Games in Michigan.
Sad to say, I was crushed(!) by my opponent.
Game below.

8. Qb3 was the silly mistake. It's over by then.
I need to buckle up my opening repertoires.

I'm playing in another tournament right now on
The bad thing about playing in an online tournament is that you are playing 6 to 10 games at the same time. It's like playing a simul with a longer time control.
I couldn't find time to play in a real tournament yet, so for the time being, online tournament is the alternative.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I will not be writing for a while.
Not because I'm not willing to put up my games on the internet.
But simply because I am not playing chess for a looooong time.
I have a few companies to run now and at the same time taking MBA class.
For a better future.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

mythling vs zabbura2002 : Aug 14 2011

This was my first game on after months of hiatus.
I was having some difficulties in life and my wife was pregnant - hence the limited time to play.
My son was born in June and now that he's 2 months old, I have some time to play again.
You could tell how rusty I was by replying the game.

8. ..Bf5 (this gave advantage to White after 9. Ng5 e6 10. e4!

9. white gave tempo to Black after this move a3?

14. after ..c6 both chances are almost equal. White has more room to play but Black's pawn structure is better. However, both White's Bishops are not active.

Unfortunately for White, he/she blundered with 15.Rb1??

The game continued but there's nothing White could do..

Saturday, February 05, 2011

zabbura2002 vs. oneboothy

This game was so bad I was ashamed to look into it again.
But we amateur always makes bad moves and how we recovers from that is a true test of mental strength.

7. Qf3?? i saw the Re1 line and wanted to give it a test, sacrificing a Bishop on the 8th move.

I tried piling up problem to Black with Nc3, Ba3, Rb1 but the answers were strong.
I almost lost hope but then Black played 19. ..Bf5+ and I'm back in the game.

20. Qxf5 was not the strongest reply though. I think better was 20. Kb3 Rd3+ 21. Qxd3 Bxd3 22. Rxe7+ Kxe7 23. Re1+ Kf6 24. cxb6 where Black needs to choose either axb6 and White keeps the Knight, or 24. ..Kxg5 25. bxa7 Ra8 26. Re7

The rest were just technical because the game is quite equal.
Then suddenly Black blundered with 29. f4?? and the game was in White's hand.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Zabbura2002 vs dvas

After playing a few games with the same player, you will develop familiarity with their style and tend to adjust accordingly. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.
In my case against dvas, there were a few moves that I think was risky and I might lose the winning advantage - but since I had some idea how he/she would reply, I played it anyway.
I will review the game later on.

It was a Queen Gambit declined, transposed to Marshall Defense and then to Slav Defense.
I am not fully familiar with all the variations, but I sort of know here and there.

I saw the move 6...Na6 7.Bxa4 bxa6 somewhere in recent game so I tried it just see where it would bring me. It was indeed strong, and with the pawn on c6 unprotected, it was much easier.

The queen was blocked from any action on the King side though. Luckily, I managed to bring it back to the first row (f1), grabbing a pawn on her way.

2nd blunder by Black by playing 15. e5 allowing me to get get the free knight.

On move 18, I think the strongest move would be Qb5 so that I can offer Queen exchange on e2. However, having played dvas 2 times before that, I knew he/she would take the pawn on d4, giving the White Queen free 'highway' to get back into the action on the King side.

22. Qxf6 I played this move too fast and was lucky that Black did not play ..Qxh1 because if not, all my work before would be undone and Black will have a much easier task. For example, 22...Qxh1 23.Rxh1 gxf6 or if 23.Qxd8 Qxd1+ 24.Kxd1 Rxd8

More review to follow.. I hope

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