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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Turning the table..

Kamsky drew against Etienne Bacrot,
Topa beat Anand; and
Svidler lost to Pono

It is a very exciting tournament indeed.
I think Sofia is the stepping stone of the changes in Super-GM tournament.
Before Sofia last year, there are a lot of short draws.
However, since Sofia last year did not allow any short draw, most GMs have learned to fight until the end
A lot of exciting middle games have surfaced since then.

I haven't had any chance to check on the games today except for Anand-Topa game
and I have been expecting Nxf3 since move 29.
It has later been played on move 31.
I wonder if my prediction is a premature move.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

He won again

Yiha.. Kamsky won again today...
So he has won against everyone but Topalov now
at the same time, Topa lost for the 2nd time, now to Peter Svidler
Topa played a very convincing game against Kamsky 2 days ago
I almost thought that Topa is coming back.. like he did before

Kamsky also won convincingly against Pono today
He played 35. Rc7 when Pono's Black Queen is on the 2nd row, which showed how he is always playing for a win, not just for a draw.
Svidler put Topa into zwigzwang in a very interesting end game

Anand is playing Topa again tomorrow
I hope there won't be a short draw

Monday, May 15, 2006

What's up with Kamsky

So Mr. Kamsky is getting famous again.

People have been expecting him to show his true nature after a long silence.
Many people were stunned when his name suddenly appeared again in chess world.
He was actually very famous a little more than a decade ago
In his teen age, he had beaten a lot of big names such as Nigel Short, Ivanchuk, Anand, Shirov, Kramnik and even Mr. Kasparov (only onced though)
He was the youngest player ever to be rated in FIDE's world top ten in 1990.
However, he suddenly left the competitive chess world in 1995 to continue his study in medicine.

After 9 years, he came back in 2004 to do extremely well in his first competition.
He continued his excellent run and won more competitions after that.
Today, being the lowest rated among 6 players, he is leading in Sofia, in a Super-GM tournament with +3 -0 =1 after beating Anand 2 days ago. If he beats the world champion, Mr Topalov tomorrow, that might be his best result in the first round of a Super-GM tournament ever.

Good luck Gata Kamsky... I always love your games

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