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Sunday, August 28, 2011

mythling vs zabbura2002 : Aug 14 2011

This was my first game on after months of hiatus.
I was having some difficulties in life and my wife was pregnant - hence the limited time to play.
My son was born in June and now that he's 2 months old, I have some time to play again.
You could tell how rusty I was by replying the game.

8. ..Bf5 (this gave advantage to White after 9. Ng5 e6 10. e4!

9. white gave tempo to Black after this move a3?

14. after ..c6 both chances are almost equal. White has more room to play but Black's pawn structure is better. However, both White's Bishops are not active.

Unfortunately for White, he/she blundered with 15.Rb1??

The game continued but there's nothing White could do..

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