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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wrong decision

It has been a wrong decision to slow down my preparation for the Midwest Games' chess tournament before. I was concentrating more on table tennis since I will be facing Saiful who I always know is a very talented player. I had lost some of my momentum because of neglecting my training.

I won my first game against Azman who played in 'Catur Merdeka' before, with a rook sacrifice for 2 bishops. I had to struggle a little bit before establishing the advantage.

In the second game, things were going fine and I had a small positional advantage before I lost my focus (mainly because I had just finished my table tennis game and was still sweating). I sacrificed a rook for 2 pawns for the center and positional advantage. It should be a temporary sacrifice but I oversighted that my queen is overloaded. I kept struggling for any chance of defense but lost the time (the time control was G/30)

It's very bad that the tournament used a knock-out system. I have to go back without a chess medal but fortunately I did well in my table-tennis games and bagged a gold and a bronze to bring home.

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