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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Almost done!

I'm almost done with my final papers to be submitted, which also means I'm almost done with my undergraduate study! I'm happy since I can no move on to another stage of my life but at the same time I'm a little sad since I will be leaving this place that has a lot of memories for me. I am going back to Malaysia early January 2007.

Anyway, I have been able to play in the monthly tournament on the ICC - which is my first tournament there. I played in the U1500 category, just to test the water. I think I will try to play in the Open section soon if I have time (and good internet connection) to do so in Malaysia. The result was great. I've got the 2nd place, tied with Sirlock - both 3/4 points. I was 'unlucky' to have a forfeit win in the first game since the opponent did not show up. I lost the second game though against Seldreg, mostly because I was attending an online meeting at the same time and did not concentrate well on the game. I've actually forgotten about the tournament and scheduled for the meeting to take place at that time. My mistake.

I managed to get back on course and won the next two games and get a 1320 provisional rating. I need to play another game before I can make the rating official. I have no time to play right now though since I have another paper to write and another website to be created before Dec 20.

Here is the link to the ICC website

On another note, I talked to a friend yesterday, who has not been playing chess for a long time already, and we agreed to try to play at least once every week. Maybe we can start tomorrow my bro! (if you are reading this). I'll message you when I wake up. I need to get some sleep since I have been staying up all night to finish analysing a recycling survey I've created for my final Professional Communication paper.

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si em said...

sure we can start tomorrow (or is it today?). just message me, i'm ready anytime.

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