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Friday, August 04, 2006

Dortmund 2006

Now has moved its attention to Dortmund since Biel has finished with full of excitement. Dortmund has been a field where everyone was trying to draw early in the earlier stage. What is exactly the reason for a tournament if everyone goes there and plays opening moves that everyone has known of and then agreed for draw without even going into the middlegame where complications start? Are they planning to go back with the money they will get from the tournament just like that? I really hope that Dortmund will turn into something more instructive especially when games like Adams-Gelfand that has finished with 117 moves in 7 and 1/2 hours were being played.

Openings for today:
1. Leko-Aronian: Ruy Lopez/Exchange Variation
2. Kramnik-Adams: Petroff Defense
3. Naiditsch-Svidler: Ruy Lopez(Closed)/Zaitsev Variation
4. Eismont-Heinzel: Old Benoni Defense (!!)
5. Gelfand-Jobava: English -> turned into Sicilian/Maroczy Bind (!!)

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