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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Moro wins Biel 2006

Congratulations to Morozevich for clinching Biel 2006 with style. He won against everyone except for the wonder boy, Carlsen. Unfortunately, he drew his last game maybe because he was too tired. If not, he will be the only person in the tournament who never drawn any game. It has been an incredible tournament for Moro and now he has 3/3 record for Biel. At the same time, it was a great shame for Topalov's manager who labelled Moro as a coward before. What kind of coward player won a tournament with +7 -2 =1 (??)

I was hoping that some IM's or GM's - maybe Moro himself will annotate some of his (Moro) games from Biel 2006. Most of his games are very interesting and instructive.


Khyrel said...

is this about chess? god, i only know that knights move in L shape

echopena said...

at least tahu jugak tu

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