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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blunder in Sicilian Defense

I've got lucky today while playing on Chess with Friends
As usual, I don't know who's the player, don't know what's the rating,
and thus don't know what trick does he or she has up his/her sleeves.

1.e5 c6 2. Nf3

and then
2. ..f6 is unusual but i played the normal 3.d4
4. ..Qa5+ is normal for someone who would like to test the opponent's strength

I can play Bd2 or c3 or Nc3 or even Qd2 if I'm lazy to think further.
Queen exchange would leave me OK since I can control the center and I don't have to take with my King and I can still develop further from there.

I don't know how could I miss the simple trick Qb6-b2 to take the Rook but I recovered back with a few simple maneuvers - and thanks to his/her mistake 8. ..d3 the Queen is safely captured with the cost of 2 pawns, 1 Rook and 1 Bishop.

I will offer him/her draw in the next move because this is not a game I would be proud of even if I win. Simple blunders like this should be avoided at any cost.

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