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Monday, November 01, 2010

Magical Square

I haven't been updating my chess blog for a while, but that does mean that I left the chess world already. I kept following up with the progress of the wonder kid (you-know-who) and kept myself updated with the Malaysian team's performance.

I loved this game too much to leave it behind.
However, at this point of time, I'm just too far behind.

Anyway, I read an article today on the chess world of Kasparov and Karpov.
Looking at their game in 1990 (20 years ago from today) I was stunned at how complex is the game and when the writer starts writing about the 'magical square'. See below:

I just could not understand how the mind of Kasparov works.
How did he see such a thing? Was it really in his mind?
Did he really see that the square will work?
Or was it just his instinct based on his experience and calculation?

Until someone develop such an instinct, it's hard to say that someone can bypass Kasparov's ability. He's getting older and the memory might run him down.
I think he did the right thing to resign early and show the world how good he IS just by coaching someone who, later on, becomes the world no. 1 (Carlsen).

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