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Thursday, January 20, 2011

TATAsteel Chess Round 5 - update


Anand sacrificed yet another piece against Smeets
43. .. Rxc5
it looks draw-ish unless Anand can convert the d-pawn to Queen
Black's Bishop needs to protect the a-pawn to keep White's Rook on a-file inactive for now.
At the same time, he needs to be careful of the White's c-pawn.

Smeets just played 48. c6
I think Black have to play ..Kd6 to avoid Rc5
But Anand played ..Kd8 instead.
Can't wait to see what's going to happen.

Smeets has 10 mins on his clock with 12 move moves before move 60.
after pondering upon it, I saw that White could not move the Rook on a-file
because Black will play ..Ba2+
Ka1 and now ..d2
Smeets is losing time.
Anand is going to win this.
Anand could not find the win.
Smeets defended very well.
He will reach the time control with another move.
The game should continue.
Rd5 does not look like a good move though.
Anand will play ..Rxc6.
White can only hope for a draw now.
Anand WON!

62. Bc1
I was thinking along the line of Bh6

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