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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dortmund and Biel

It's summer again when a lot of chess tournaments are taking place everywhere.
Biel will go into the second round tomorrow and Dortmund has started today.
I've been fascinated again and again with the games by Morozevich and also the wonder boy Carlsen.

In Dortmund, Leko won against Naiditsch in an interesting Catalan-Bogo Indian while Svidler won against Jobava who played not the strongest Grunfeld one can play.
Gelfand and Kramnik had a short draw without going into a complicated in a semi-slav game. Adams had to accept a draw against Aronian even though he was leading with 2 pawns in a closed Ruy Lopez game.

The chess world has also been shaken with the death of young Jessie Gilbert,19 a few days ago. I really hope that the mystery will be solved as soon as possible.

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