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Monday, July 31, 2006

Carlsen - Moro : 2-0

Wow.. what a great game by both players.
Moro has shown a very deep understanding in chess.
However Carlsen, in his combative style, showed a deeper understanding of the game.
In the end it was Carlsen who won the glory after a major blunder by Moro.
It was a simple move Bg7 which has brought Moro's day to an end.
Had he played b4! instead, he would have won.
And had Carlsen missed the ... Bg4! , Moro would have win or at least survived in a game of Q+R+B vs R+R+B+B.

It was an impressive and instructive game which I and many other kibitzers in the enjoyed. Moro is still leading Biel 2006 with +5 -2 =0 in his try to make a 3/3 Biel title.

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