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Monday, July 31, 2006

Moro vs. Carlsen - again

Moro is playing Carlsen again in Biel today. He lost his first and only game to Carlsen in the tournament so far. Until this moment, Moro seems to be playing really well keeping Carlsen's Black Queen on the a-file without an active role. Moro is the only player without a draw in so far. It is a very impressive perfomance. I like Moro and Carlsen since they are both combative players who do not seek for short draws. Maybe when they are too tired but most of the time, no. Both players also like to look for interesting sacrifice especially in the middle game,having played strong opening.

They played an unusual line of Sicilian today with 3.Bb5 Nf6 4.Bxc3 dxc3. I believe it's the Rossolimo variation. Well that is not too unusual. It's just that the line has not been played much recently. Moro played 6.Bf4 which I believe is a novelty. They are in the 18th moves right now and Moro (White) has a strong attack on the Queen side. He has a good (but not solid) defense although he might not have to worry too much since Black will not be able to create a counter-attack for the time being. Carlsen (Black) has doubled his rook on the d-file but for the time being, they are defending and not attacking. They are good weapons for counter-attacking if Black manage to free it's Queen that is missing in action on the a-file.

Verdict: draw

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