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Monday, November 27, 2006

Has Man crumbled?

Kramnik lost his game today.

In the reality, it was an equal game and he has proven that Man still has a great chance in defeating a Machine. He played the game very well, just like yesterday, and just need to trade the Queen in order to have a great possibility to win.

But maybe because he thought too much on that, he overlooked a mate!
A mate in one!
Did he lose his concentration? Did he think too much on some other variations?

Chess is not just a tactical game. Not just a theoretical or positional game either. Chess combines all aspect of lives - concentration and physical fitness are included as well. Chess in a holistic game.

For me, man has not crumbled, but Kramnik has proven that Man is still the greatest creation of God; and that Man is not perfect and does have weakness. For that reason,

I love chess!!

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