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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ICC Blitz

I played an unrated blitz just now while waiting my opponent for the monthly tournament on the ICC.

I did so many mistakesin a fairly easy game.


13...Ne7? 14. Bg3? (I should have played Bxf7 here)

17...Bxc3?? 18. Rxe3? (since I have decided to trade my rook for a bishop and a knight, i didn't even think that my rook is actually saved)

19...Re8?? 20. Qf5? (Why why whyyy? Qxg6 and Black might consider resigning immediately)

I still didn't see Queen takes knight for the next few moves until it was too late to do that.

21...c5? (not right)

I don't have to comment on the ending since there were far too many mistakes that i should not do.

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