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Monday, December 20, 2010

Spud2k10 vs Zabbura2002 (Game 2)

I had fun playing with Spud2k10 because he/she has about the same strength as myself.
Our openings are OK, not too great but not too bad either.
Both players were cautious in the middle game.
I love closed games because it makes me think harder and comes up with creative plays.
I won the first and the 2nd game (as below)
We are playing right now for the 3rd game and I almost got checkmated but I survived so far.
The calculation need to be precise. I'm not even sure how precise I am so far, but at least I'm not lost yet. We are equal on pieces and have came down to K+R+N+pawns.

I will try to play the game into one of the chess engines after the game finished later.
I'm using Vektor3 on my Mac. That's the only chess software that I have.
It's not so powerful, but not too bad either.
We can check slightly obvious mistakes and key moves from there.

In the game below, I missed a winner on move 27...Nxe2+. I have looked at the move 3 times but thought that the King can still protect the Rook, while it actually can't.
The continuation will be 28. Kh1 or Kh2 and 28...Rxf1 will end the game.

It was still hard for White to save the game, because it can either take my Bishop and lost it's own Bishop or save his/her light-color Bishop and play against my light-color Bishop plus a Knight, where all my pawns are on dark-color squares and his/her pawns are all on the light-color squares.

One of the key moves, I think was 18.exf5 where I think 0-0 or Kd2 looks better to me.
And then definitely 23.Bxf1? The rook has to be taken with the Queen.
See on move 25, Black has to move the Bishop back and place the Queen on f1 anyway, losing 2 full tempo.

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