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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spud2k10 vs Zabbura2002 (Game 4)

I was so tired theses days and could not concentrate too much on the games.
This game could have gone either way - unless the Queen is off the board sooner.
Spud2k10 was nice enough to give the game my way.

5. Nc3
at this point we talked about the 7 moves mate where White sacrificed its Queen. Won't work here since Black has Knight on f6. I've forgotten about the moves but found it on

9. .. c6
I was thinking of Qb6 attacking b2 and f2 at some point.

12. .. Bxd4
In the end I didn't execute the plan by playing ..Nxd4;Nxd4 Bxd4
There must be a reason for that in my calculation. I couldn't figure it out now.

21. Kg2
It feels like playing a computer. A very good move from Spud2k10
The main idea is to connect the Rooks.

23. Rhe1 ?
I think this move is questionable. White still has a lot to play.

25. Re2
Freeing up the Queen to move.

25. .. Kh8
I ponder upon this move for a while. I was looking at Qa6 winning pawn on a2.
However Qb3+ will save both the pawn and the Rook. I was hoping White did not see it.

28. Qe3 ??
White will lose another pawn because of this.

29. Kg1
Do you think Black can win after this?

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