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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zabbura2002 vs Niel49

This game was played at the same time I was playing Spud2k10
It runs a little bit faster and less complicated.
I idea was ok but I think the Black's center was not well guarded and the Queen was out of sync with the rest of the team.

I'll provide some input maybe later.
Feel free to kibitz


7. .. Qa5+ ?
for me, there's no strong motive here. Black's pawn has lined up on b5-d7 and Queen will have to return to d8 to go back into the game.

11. Be6 ??
suicide move

20. cxb4
Run Forest Run

22. Qxf7
freeing up space for Queen fork

22. .. Nde5?
Seems like form is not necessary anymore

23. .. Qxa6
Kb8 is the only real chance.

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