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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zabbura2002 vs Lola246

I played another game in Chess with Friends.
I had white. Black chose to play Alekhine Defense (1.ef Nf6)
and I invited him to play Scandinavian Variation - which I am not at all familiar lol.
(2. Nc3 d5)
Scandinavian variation is quite strong for Black especially when Black starts advancing both Knights.
The game is not over yet, but i'm having an advantage because Black simply follows what I had in mind.

6. .. Bb4+ ? (no reason for attacking. Black should be more concern about defense on the King side.I figured, the bishop was advanced because Black wanted to castle right after)

7. c3 Be7
8. Qg3! (if Black did not see the obvious plan, he/she will castle now)
8. .. 0-0 ?? (and it did)

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