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Monday, October 30, 2006

CCL Game 2

I have white against an unrated player in my second game.
A quick search has given me some information that he is currently the president of the chess club in his college.
It's actually a university but we used to call it college in the US.
Anyway, playing an unrated player is risky since if unlucky, he/she could be a very good player or if lucky, he/she maybe just an average player.

Here is my second game.
I had a blunder 11. Be5 but maybe he didn't see through the continuation.
He made 3 consecutive blunders 13...Nd5, 14...Ke7 and 15...Ne7
I also missed a mate in 2 on move 18 (if you want to find the mate) and almost made Black struggle longer on move 22.

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