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Monday, October 30, 2006

CCL Game 3

It was game day again for me yesterday.
I was playing against another UIUC player.
Higher rated than me (uscf 1700++) of course everyone is higher rated than me since i have not been playing in many tournaments due to budget constrain and no means of transportation.

I had a Black against Reti. I used to play Reti before so i know some of the variations although not in depth.
This guy went for a quick knockout using one of the sharpest line in accepted variation with 4. Ng5. I was prepared for something like 4. Na3 but not for this line. Furthermore, I have been staying up last night preparing for anything against 1. d4.

5...e5 is that a novelty? hehe.. i'm not that good to declare that it's a novetly.
I was afraid of the knight actually and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.
5...e6 is of course another option but then 6. Nxf7 and I couldn't castle anymore.

8. Qf3 !? he scared me once again with another unexpected move.I was expecting 8. d3 and dcthe next move. I think 8...Nc6 is interesting with the idea of Nb4.

12. Bxd5? I think bxd5 is more interesting. 12...Nb4 =

White offered a draw a few moves later and I accepted since anything can happen in that position.

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