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Monday, October 16, 2006

College Chess League Round 1

I player a 2047 USCF player in my first match of the CCL 2006.
I haven't played in a tournament for a long time, thus my rating is very low at 1099 only.
I do play everyday though either on the internet or against the Kasparov Chessmate on my Mac.
Hence, I think my rating does not display my actual level.
But anyway, since my rating is low, I have to be paired with a higher rated player and furthermore, I have to play Black.

He played an English, and I was planning to play symmetrical but when he played 3. g3 I figured out I might just go into his trap since he's an experienced player. Thus I played 3. .. d6 rather then the more popular e6 or symmetrical with g6. I totally deviated from the opening book (or principal) when I replied Qd7 to his 4. Bg7. I think it might have made him over-confident because he played some weird moves too.

I think I played the middle game rather well but then I blundered twice!! I think that's why I need a lot more experience. I was considering a pawn move of either b3 or a3. b3 looked bolder, so I choose a3 when the reality is if I play b3 instead, I can temporarily sacrifice a knight and will probably be able to get a Rook for the exchange - if I played it right. The worst is when we are almost equal, with the center was blocked, I was considering a knight move for a long time. Then I tried to look at the Bishop-Knight exchange, which I'm pretty sure is not as good as the knight move. I was ready to move the knight, when suddenly I moved the Bishop instead! I guess maybe because that's the last command I've put in my head. I dont know!! I'm still figuring out why I did that.

Any explanation? Or same experience?

Anyway, I handled the end game very very bad and thus I lost.
I'm happy with the performance though.
At least I know I can play a higher level opponent with more preparation and tournament experience.

The problem is of course: I don't have money

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