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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Game 10

Another Catalan today. Kramnik White.
[moves in square brackets are my predictions]

[19. .. Nf6]
19. .. Nf6 (got it right this time)

20. Nxb5 Ba6

21. a4 Ne4
(didn't get a chance to predict)
[22. Rac1 Qe8]
I think both Rac1 and Rdc1 is good. Moving the a-Rook will give white some attacking nerve even though it will leave the pawn on a4 without a defender for awhile.

22. Rdc1 Qe8
(White should use the open c-file for progress. He should also think about something to do with the knight on e5 which is very strong.
[23. Rc7 Bd8 24. Rc2]
in order to double on the c-file later.

23. Rc7 Bd8
[24. Rc2 f6 25. Nc3 Bxb5 26. axb5 Qxb5]

24. Ra7
(I have also thought of this line to double the rook on the a-file but i think it's draw-ish. For example, Bxb5 25. axb5 Qxb5 26. Qxb5 Rxb5 27. Nc6 Rxb2 28. Nxd8 Rxd8 29. R1xa5.)

24. ... f6
(I like 25. Nd7 now forking black's rook although white will actually lose one with 25. .. Rf7 26. Nxb6 Rxa7)
[25. Nd7 Rf7 26. Nxb6 Rax7 27. Nxd5 Rd7] I think Topalov has another plan since f6 is inviting Nd7. Black's rook and bishop are not active for the time being.
--Even Kramnik thought that Topalov might have some tricks here. The truth: a horrible blunder.

Nd7 Rf7 26. Nxb6 Rax7 27. Nxd5 Rd7 (exactly... i like white so far. Seems to be going into an imbalance game. White's a-pawn is of utmost important now.)
[28. Qc4 Qf7]

28. Ndc3
(I think this move is too defensive in an attacking position)

28. ... Rxd4
(White can play 29. f3 Bb6 30. Kg2 Nd6 31. Qxe8+ Nxe8 )
-- Susan Polgar also suggested either f3 or Re1 here and pointed out that this is another blunder.

29. Re1 f5
(Topalov made a few quick moves. Kramnik has 18 minutes for about 10 moves in a complicated position. Just like yesterday. Will he blunders again?)
[30. f3]

30. Qc2 (!)
(Rook has to move and then white can play f3)

30. ... Rb4 31. Nd5 Rxb5 32. axb5 Qxb5 33. Nc7
(Oh my God... hmm another imbalance game.. will it favors Topalov again? I think Black will try to trade Queens now. The Bishop pair will be strong.)
--i don't even know that the game should be over by now.. all GM's knew like 6 moves ago..poor me..

33. ... Qc4
(thought so.. White doesn't want to trade)

34. Qd1 Bxc7
--A few GMs said that White should have traded Queens and can already do that here. However, I think Kramnik was afraid of the bishops pair.

35. Qd7 h6 36. Qxc7
(I think White will push to trade Queens now.)

36. Qb4 37. Qb8+ Qxb8
(Plan succeded)

38. Bxb8 Nd2 39. Ra1
(white should be winning)

40. g5 f4 41. Nb3

[41. Ra3 Bc4 42. Bc7 ]

41. Ra3 Bc4 42. Bc7
(Black might want to start moving the King to the center)

42. ... g4 (
reminds me of Game 8 but white should not have any problem this time)
[43. Bxa5]

43. Bxa5
Topalov resigned.


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