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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Game 9

Topalov had white today.
I watched the game started with Slav defense and then I went to take a nap since I slept late last night. I am going for a volunteering activity at a nature center today at 11 am.

When I woke up just now, move 33 has just been played. So I decided to make predictions for the next moves. White seems to be having a slight advantage since Black is kinda cramp. I am following Susan Polgar's style of writing a prediction and commentaries here. So credit should be given to her.

I think Rf3 make sense here

34. Qa2 (White is creating an option for attack along the a-file or f-file. I like Ra8 but it will separate the rook from protecting the f-file if an attack is launched.)

34. .. Nb6 (Now I think either Ra1 or Rf3 and white can play either Rda1 or Rdf1 later.)

35. Rf3 (Since black played Nb6 before, I thought he might want to play Ra8 but then Re7 and then Rf8 seems promising to me although white have option to change direction to attack the a-file instead.)

35. .. Nf8 (A rather unexpected move to me. Looks bad as well. Kramnik is cramping his own position and the knight will not be able to be a good defender except to defend f8 square by playing Nh7 afterwards - which does not seem to necessary since the square under attack is f7. White should play Rdf1 and win now.)

36. Rdf1 (white is totally winning. Now black can play Re7 but he couldn't play Rf8 later since knight has filled up the space.)

36. .. Re7 (as predicted, but it's very hard to defend now.)

37. Be3 (A rather fast move and I wasn't able to predict first. I think Topa is securing the win and he doesn't have to worry since black need 2 tempi to move the knight away and defend the pawn with his other rook. So i think Nh7 is the only option now. Kramnik should have gone to the toilet before move 35.)

37. .. Nh7 (As predicted. White can take the f7 pawn now. Another win for Topalov. What a great attacker he is.)

38. Rxf7 (I don't know what is coming next but Kramnik might want to consider resigning now. I am predicting a few words about game 5 and the toilet issue affecting Kramnik's concentration we be uttered by his team. I said before that unless Topalov gave the game 5 back, he might not be considered as a tru champion by some people; but with this style of play, Kramnik needs to win game 10 or people won't even care about game 5 anymore since it could have been a Topalov game just as well.)

38. .. Nd5 (I'm not sure if that can help at all. Just blocking the Queen from joining the assault but the Queen can always join in later whenever 'she' wants to. N7f3 is my prediction.)

39. R7f3 (indeed. And it seems like Kramnik has resigned before the time control. He won't be able to do anything anyway even if he gets more time.)


Another infamous comeback from Topalov. I think he will be remembered as a late starter in the chess history.

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