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Sunday, October 08, 2006

My longest game so far

I've been playing Kasparov Chessmate on my G5 for some time now
My rating is now 1651. Not a good one.
I'm on level 12 and played 40 games so far in the Championship. More loses than wins especially in the Silvercup. I don't think I lost any game on Bronzecup - and that's good for me.

I just played a 174 moves game just now and that's the longest game for me so far against the software. I just couldn't finish it. We had different colored bishop and a passed pawn each. I tried a less popular Scandinavian variation. It's quite boring since the software always plays d5 as Black anytime I play e4.

Ops.. Game 10 is underway.. I'll have to continue later..

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